Step 1 – Learn About Recalls

What is a recall? A recall is when the government (The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) and the manufacturer remove a product from the market because it is dangerous and can hurt or kill a child. However, even if the product is removed from store shelves very few steps are taken to remove the product from homes, childcare centers, secondhand stores and garage sales. Millions of recalled products are still in use.

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How to check for children’s product recalls

  1. Search for recalls by product types
    Use this to search for a specific product you already own. For example, a search for strollers would list all recalled strollers.

    This search function is also good to use before you buy or use a second-hand product. For example, if you are going to use a second hand portable crib enter portable cribs into the search function and make sure yours does not appear on the list.

  2. Search for recalls by manufacturer
    If you own more then one product by the same manufacturer check all the products at once with this search function. For example a search for Graco would list every recalled Graco product.

    Also use this search to check the safety history of manufacturers. For example if you were considering several manufacturers for a baby swing, checking each manufacturer’s list of recalls will give you a good idea if their swings are reliable and safe, or if they are often recalled.

  3. Search for the most recent recalls
    If you want to check the most recent recalls, search for recalls by month. Although this list will include all recalled products, not just children’s products, it is a great way to stay up to date on new recalls each month.
  4. If you prefer to search for recalls over the phone, call CPSC at 800-638-CPSC and ask the operator if your products have been recalled.