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Celebrate National Volunteer Week!

National Volunteer Week kicked off this Sunday, April 12. This week is a reminder that when we work together, engage in our communities, and take action, our collective efforts pay off to create real difference. When we put our hearts and minds together, we can accomplish our shared goals of safe, healthy communities! We could not...

Support HB3761 (McAsey): The Illinois Crib Bumper Pad Ban

On March 24th KID and 25 other health and safety organizations headed down to Springfield, IL in order to support Representative McAsey’s crib bumper pad ban (HB3671). With the support of these like-minded safety organizations, KID helped successfully push HB3761 (McAsey) out of the Illinois House Consumer Protection Committee by a vote of 10-6. HB3761 (McAsey)...

Graco fined $10M for action in car seat recall, must spend $7M on child safety

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On March 20, the Department of Transportation announced a $10 million fine against children’s product manufacturer Graco for failing to report incidents with their car seat buckles.  In 2014 Graco announced 2 recalls for nearly six million car seats because the buckles could fail to unlatch.  Complaints about the buckles came as early as 2009;...

Engineering students learn design safety from real-world hazards

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KID has been working with engineering students at Northwestern University for almost a decade.  Our TEST program is focused on integrating design safety into undergraduate engineering education.  Through the Segal Design Institute’s freshman program, Design Thinking and Communication, students are presented with a design challenge and teams of four develop prototypes to address the issue...
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February 2015

KID releases a new report on 2014 recalled children’s products as well as a look back at 10 years of recall data. Read more

October 2014

KID releases a new report on child product safety in Illinois child care Read more

September 2014

CPSC votes 4-0 to adopt new standard for magnet sets Read more

July 2014

KID issues new report on summer safety. Read more

KID program director gives great advice to grandparents on what products to avoid. Read more

May 2014

Health & safety advocates join to support statewide ban on sale of crib bumper pads due to suffocation risk Read more

KID hosts BFA 2014 honoring Inez Tenenbaum Read more

Consumer groups respond to Buckyball Settlement Read more

April 2014

KID board member, Geoff Phillips, recognized with award Read more

Illinois House votes to ban the sale of crib bumper pads Read more

February 2014

KID report shows recalled products remain in our homes Read more

November 2013

Consumer groups praise Tenenbaum’s tenure at CPSC. Read more

September 2013

KID founders co-author op-ed on safety bill’s fifth anniversary. Read more

August 2013

KID, Congressional Representatives and others mark the fifth anniversary of landmark safety bill. Read more

August 2013

Consumer groups mark five years of safety. Read more

July 2013

KID shares safety information on TV and furniture tip-overs. Read more


2015 Best Friend Award Night

KIDSTD_Page_1Save the Date: KID Best Friend Award Night honoring Barbara Guthrie of Underwriters Laboratories will be May 20, 2015.

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