Product Hazards – Swings

Baby swings can be unsafe for two reasons:


Strangulation can occur if:

  • Child slips into leg openings
  • Child becomes entangled in the harness straps


Falls can occur if:

  • Handles break during use
  • Infants push themselves up and over the back of the seat
  • Straps become unfastened or separate from buckles
  • Handles on seat unlock unexpectedly
  • Latch on carrying handle unexpectedly releases and causes the seat to flip forward
  • Screws loosen, causing the seat to fall
  • Restraint shield appears to be locked when it is not

Recall Reasons

A recall or a corrective action is issued for a swing for various reasons including:

  • Entrapment hazard between frame and seat
  • Ineffective restraint mechanisms
  • Buckles on swings can break
  • Shoulder restraint straps can pull out of the back of the seat, causing children to fall

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