Product Hazards – Portable Cribs

In 1998, just a few months apart, two little boys died when the same model of a Playskool Travel-Lite portable crib collapsed and strangled them. Although they lived many miles apart and did not know each other, they share a tragic legacy – they are both victims of a recalled product.

At least 19 children have died in collapsed portable cribs or play yards with rotating top-rail hinges.

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A recall or a corrective action had been issued for other portable cribs and play yards for various reasons:

  • risk of serious injury or death if mis-assembled
  • choking or entanglement hazards
  • head entrapment or suffocation
  • risk of injury from tipping when legs on the product become loose and separate.

19 Deaths—The Horrific Legacy of Portable Cribs

Playskool Travel-Lite
Arnold, 1991
Elissa, 1992
Elizabeth, 1993
William, 1995
Daniel, 1998
William, 1998

Baby Trend
Zachary, 1993
Jordon, 1994
Troy, 1996
Dominick 1999
Riley, 2000
Ethan, 2001

Nicholas, 1996
14 mo old girl, 2005
Euan, 2007

Tyler, 1994
Ashton, 1995
Jared, 1997
2 year old boy, 2003