Product Hazards – High Chairs and Booster Seats

According to CPSC Nursery Product reports, there have been at least 11,300 high chair related injuries among children under the age of 5 since 2011. Babies can slide downward in the highchair seat and be strangled when their heads are caught on the trays or waist belt and crotch strap. On average, one child dies each year in high chairs.

In 2015, the Dorel Décor Wood Highchair caused 11 injuries before it was recalled. The tray on this highchair can be easily detached, which caused lacerations and chipped teeth when children fell out of the chair.

A recall or a corrective action has been issued for highchairs and booster seats for various reasons including:

  • Risk of falling due to restraint bar failure
  • Plastic joints that can crack and cause the product to collapse in use
  • Leg strap that could be pulled through enabling a child to fall
  • Belt sets that cannot be tightly secured
  • Inadequate fit between the seat and base, allowing the seat to slip or fall

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