Halloween Costumes

While parents may be aware of the dangers of flame and costumes, they might not know just how highly flammable and dangerous certain costumes can be. Most safety experts recommend close fitting costumes with no flowing parts – a recommendation often ignored by the costume industry.

The photo below, while disturbing, shows the extent of the injuries from a costume sold by Rubie’s Costume Company and New Line Cinema. The costume is based on the Ringwraith character from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and is still being sold.  In addition to the billowing rag-like strips on the arms of the costume that allowed it to catch fire so easily, the costume has a mesh material over the face—which caught fire almost instantaneously with the rest of the costume. The injured child’s parents now buy additional flame retardant and treat their children’s costumes to increase the safety.

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Article by father of burn victim