Savannah’s Story

Savannah Caroline

Savannah was strangled by a baby monitor cord. She was 10 months old.

Submitted by her parents

As her parents, we had safety at the forefront of our minds when we purchased a Summer Infant video monitor to keep an eye on her while she slept. We had waited a long time for Savannah, and wanted to do all we could to keep our precious baby girl safe.

We believed that we had placed the video monitor where she could not reach it, but one day Savannah reached a milestone in her life, pulling herself up to a standing position on her own inside of her crib. We never saw this, but learned about it from our caretaker. Within 24 hours of reaching that milestone she apparently managed to pull herself up again, reach the monitor outside of the crib, and strangle on the cord.

It’s the biggest loss we could have in our life.

Savannah is one of 6 children that died from a similar type of baby monitor since 2006.

Baby monitors with the electrical cords are a hidden danger in a nursery. They can and have killed babies. Cords and babies don’t mix. When purchasing a baby monitor, buy cordless.

If you insist on having a corded baby monitor, keep all parts of the monitor and cord at least 4 feet away from the crib and any other safe sleep or play area. And remember that your child will likely reach new physical milestones without your presence and any such change in what they can reach or do could pose new dangers to your child.

For more information, check out: CPSC/Monitor Cords