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Pool and Water Safety Tips for Summer

The hottest days of summer have arrived, and that means it’s time to cool off in the water. Whether you’re at the lake, a water park, or just your backyard pool, safety must come first, especially for young children. Some products designed for the pool and water can enhance your experience and keep you safe, but others can increase the risk of accidents. Follow these safety tips to protect children. Make sure your backyard pool is secure. ... Read more
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Have You Heard These Pool Safety Tips?

Now that the hottest days of August are among us, families flock to pools and beaches to cool off and enjoy the sunshine. When it comes to pools, many parents and caregivers are already aware of the importance of water safety, especially that children should never play near water unsupervised. However, we should also consider other swimming-related safety risks – in particular, pool drains and inflatable pool toys.As with any children’s toy, all ... Read more
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Amelia’s story (Bath Seats Proven to be Hazards)

Amelia was 8 months old when she flipped underwater while sitting in her bath seat. Luckily, her mother pulled her out in time and saved her from nearly drowning (Click here to read the full story). We are happy to report that Amelia is alive and well today. In fact, she’ll be celebrating her 19th birthday this month!What we can’t overlook, however, is the fact that drowning is the third leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. Amelia’s ... Read more
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Summer Safety Tips

Safe summer fun Summer is here, which means vacations and poolside lounging. No matter where you spend your sunny summer days, KID wants to make sure they are safe summer days. To help you out, we created our Summer Safety flyer, which is filled with great summer product safety tips. Below are some highlights from that flyer. Feel free to contact Carson if you would like to order copies of the Summer Safety flyer or go ahead and download this ... Read more
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New injury data from CPSC on tip-overs and nursery products

Lots of injury statistics coming out of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) this week. First, be sure and check out their new infographic. (PDF)  A child died every two weeks in 2011 from furniture, TV and appliance tip-overs.  The CPSC gives tips on anchoring furniture and preventing tip-overs as does Shane’s Foundation.  Shane died in 2011 when his nursery dresser tipped over on him. Beyond steps parents can take to prevent tip-overs, ... Read more
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Bathtubs, Bathseats, Buckets are Biggest Drowning Danger

As summer comes to an end and outdoor pools become a memory, parents and caregivers tend to put the fear of a drowning accident to the back of their mind. CPSC reminds families that drowning is not simply a seasonal concern. "For 2003-2005, CPSC staff received reports of an average of 90 children younger than 5 years of age drowned in bathtubs (62%), baby seats or bathinettes (15%), buckets and pails (11%), landscaping or yard products (6%) and other ... Read more
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