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CPSC moving to a vote to ban dangerous magnet sets

Almost two years ago, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) determined that there may be an unreasonable risk of injury associated with children ingesting high-powered magnets that are part of magnet sets. This was after a voluntary standard removed the dangerous magnets from toys.  Fast forward two years and federal regulators concur that a child died last year and at least 2,900 children have visited emergency rooms after swallowing ... Read more
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4 years ago today was born

Happy Birthday The website, which was launched 4 years ago today, is the host to more than 23,000 live product incident reports.  Read more about the site, and why it matters to you and your family, here. Everyone has their favorite review website. It’s your resource to make informed decisions about where to go, what to watch, and what to do. KID would like to add to your go-to websites a site that does more than just tell ... Read more
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The CPSC Releases its Annual Report on Nursery Product Injuries and Deaths

Today the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released their annual report on 2012 injuries and deaths associated with nursery products. There was a lot of numbers and some good information given in the report. We recommend you take a look, but for now here’s some of the more interesting and troubling information.InjuriesIn 2012, about 77,900 ER-treated injuries involved a nursery product and a child under the age of five. While this number ... Read more
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Magnet toys might be sold for adults, but they are injuring kids

Today, Kids In Danger (KID) released an analysis of data from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that shows that high-powered magnets continue to be a safety risk to children. From toddlers to teens, children who swallow two or more magnets are at risk of developing serious injuries such as small holes in the stomach and intestines, intestinal blockage, blood poisoning, and even death. Removing magnets surgically often requires the repair ... Read more
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CPSC warns about high-powered magnets

In 2005 Kenny died when he swallowed magnets that had fallen out unnoticed from his siblings' Magnetix building set. Over time these and other toys with small magnets were recalled and new toy standards were developed to address the hazard. Now toys cannot have magnetic components that can be swallowed, and craft and science kits for older children have to be clearly labeled with the risk. Even the brand new children’s jewelry standard has warnings ... Read more
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Sleep positioners, despite their dangers, still sold online

In early 2002, 2 month old Andy died when he suffocated on the sleep positioner in his crib.  His parents joined with KID to alert parents to the dangers of these unnecessary products. Then, in April 2010, Preston died the same way.   In September 2010 the CPSC and FDA publicly warned against their use. The agencies are aware of at least 13 deaths involving this product -- bought by parents thinking it would keep their child safe.After the warning ... Read more
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CPSC warns against clip-on chair

Friday, CPSC took the unusual step of issuing a unilateral warning about a product after the manufacturer refused to participate in a recall.  As their warning and video show, the phil&ted's metoo clip-on chair appears to pose a real danger to children.  The clamping system can fail, causing falls for the occupant. In addition, if just one clamp comes loose, the child's fingers can be lacerated or even amputated as the chair tilts down and catches ... Read more
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Wordless Wednesday: Stop using sleep positioners

CPSC, FDA, AAP and KID all say -- don't use sleep positioners. They are an unnecessary risk and provide no safety protection. CPSC cited 12 deaths, including 2 this year, in issuing the warning. ... Read more
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