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Car Seat Safety Recommendations for New Parents

Car seat safety is of top concern for many parents—and for good reason: automobile accidents are unpredictable and far too common, and even the most cautious drivers are at risk. Many deaths and injuries result when children are not restrained properly, so finding the right car seat and installing it correctly can significantly improve your child’s safety. When shopping for car seats: Avoid buying secondhand. Car seats may not be safe ... Read more
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Chicago to Retailers: Tell customers where to get help with car seat installation

Perhaps you've seen or heard the research that most car seats are installed incorrectly or just know from your own experience that it's not easy getting that seat installed so it is at the correct angle and doesn't move at all.Many parents know to get help -- either through, local police or fire departments, NHTSA, or a service such as Safety Squad. But other parents either don't know they can find help or don't think they need it ... Read more
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