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#FamilyVoicesFriday: Tyler’s Story

On December 12, 1997, 10 month-old Tyler Jonathan lost his life to a faulty drop-side crib. On the morning of December 12th, Tyler’s mother found him with his neck caught between the side rail and headboard of his drop-side crib. Tyler’s mother assumed the 10 month-old was safe in his crib because it was bought new from a high-end retailer and met CPSC standards at the time. Tyler would have been 19 years-old today. This post is in memory of ... Read more
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A few alarming products we’ve seen lately

KID works to strengthen, or in some cases establish, strong safety standards for children’s products. We helped pass Danny’s Law in 2008. As a result, cribs, play yards, and bassinets all have strong safety standards and undergo independent testing prior to entering the market. While we are passionate about the safety of all children’s products we pay special attention to those intended for sleeping babies because: Our founder’s son Danny ... Read more
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Got old or recalled children’s products? Bring them to the #BRUGreatTradeIn

At KID we often talk about the dangers associated with used children’s products, especially those that are worn out, damaged, or which fall short of the newest, strongest safety standards. Recalled products often stay in use long after the recall announcement.  For these reasons, we encourage families to take stock of the items their children use and purchase products that meet the newest safety standards. However, we understand that this can sometimes ... Read more
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#BeBurnAware this week and all year through

The week of February 1-7 is National Burn Awareness Week and we want to share common types of children’s products that have been recalled recently because of burn hazards. They include pajamas, toys, and even accessories that you would never guess could cause a burn hazard to your children – but they can and do. See below for an overview and how you can keep kids safe. Pajamas There were over 240,000 units of children’s pajamas recalled ... Read more
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KID calls on CPSC to recall hoverboards

Almost everyone has been hearing about hoverboard fires lately. Case in point, I was traveling a few weekends ago and the airline printed a special warning about banned hoverboards on the ticket and announced several times that they would not be allowed on the flight. Amazon made news last week by announcing that it would offer refunds for hoverboards purchased on their site. Even Saturday Night Live joined the conversation by airing a skit that poked ... Read more
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KID, Dr. Oz urge parents and caregivers to #saynotobumpers

Just finished watching myself on the Dr. Oz show – never an experience I expected to have – but I was thrilled to have the opportunity to share information on the dangers of crib bumper pads. New research  about the increasing dangers of crib bumper pads put this issue in the public spotlight.  We all want to know the answer to the question Dr. Oz posed: Why are crib bumper pads still for sale? I went to New York last month to tape ... Read more
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Consumer report and KID Best Friend Mitch Lipka dies

This week KID lost a best friend. Mitch Lipka died after a courageous fight against cancer. Mitch was an award winning consumer reporter. Soon after Danny died in a dangerous portable crib in 1998, Mitch began to investigate the children’s product safety system that would allow such a deadly product to not only stay in homes and child care facilities, but also enter the market in the first place. The result was series of articles in the Sun-Sentinel ... Read more
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#MLKDay- Help honor his legacy by giving back

On this day, we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy. King worked tirelessly towards a world future generations could live in peacefully, harmoniously and safely. We remember the courage and determination with which King fought for equality and recognize our own responsibility to give back. Many nonprofits across the country take this opportunity to share with ways in which people can give back. Below are a few ways to give back ... Read more
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