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The book benefits from Felcher’s persistence and patience … real life — and death — stories make her book difficult to put down … With so much information that manufacturers don’t want known, it should be required reading for parents of young children. – Jayne O’Donnell, USA Today

The most clearly written explanation in years of the tragic consequences of industry self-regulation and under-funded federal government agencies … The book should be mandatory reading for doctors, insurance companies, parents and policymakers. – Joan Claybrook, President, Public Citizen

Dr. Felcher has set out excellent policy recommendations that will improve consumer product safety regulation, product design and manufacture, and the courts’ treatment of vital safety information … (it) is the type of book that is capable of waking up policy makers and individual citizens alike to the need to change the manufacture and regulation of baby products. Like Silent Spring and Unsafe at Any Speed, (the) book is a landmark assessment of problems covered up for too long … – Mary Ellen Fise, General Counsel, Consumer Federation of America

With compassion for the victims and with extensive research and documentation, E. Marla Felcher exposes how some product manufacturers exploit loopholes in the law to prioritize profits over safety. – Rachel Weintraub, U.S. Public Interest Research Group

Consumers beware: beneath this frightening account of how recalled baby products continue to threaten the safety of our children lies the story of government agencies hobbled by insufficient funding and mired in a complicated web of regulations … A must-read for parents, grandparents and caregivers. – Donald L. Mays, Technical Director, Good Housekeeping Institute

Felcher has certainly uncovered one of the most significant consumer issues of the new century … (a)s a baccalaureate-prepared Pediatric Registered Nurse, first aid/CPR instructor, mother of two young children and former volunteer firefighter Emergency Medical Technician, I always considered myself well-versed in issues of childhood safety. I was surprised and shocked to discover the extent of my ignorance. Felcher’s book is a call to action for every caring citizen of our country. – Carolyn Brummel, R.N.

Bottom line: You’ve got to read this book. Assign it to students, give it to friends … As a management school professor, I was confronted by our collective failure to educate our students and our society about what really matters in corporate strategic and operational decisions. Call it values, ethics, social responsibility, stakeholder relationships, or what you will, we are allowing managers to frame strategy as short-term profit maximization … Get informed; make a difference. – John S. Carroll, Professor of Behavioral and Policy Sciences, MIT Sloan School of Management

This book pulls together for the first time data about the prevalence of infant deaths and injuries resulting from poorly designed products, the appalling failure of efforts to recall dangerous products, and the difficulties that consumers face when they try to find out about the safety records of children’s products. This is a must-read in every business school and for every parent in the country. – David M. Messick, Kaplan Professor of Ethics and Decision Making, Kellogg Graduate School of Management

This book isn’t “just” about child safety or good parenting. It is a paradigm case study on critical interactions among business, executive branch regulation, and judicial branch oversight/dispute resolution. The stakes are, quite literally, life-or-death … They cry out for attention by professionals, and that attention should start in professional schools. – James E. Rooks, Esq., Associate Director for Policy Research, Association of Trial Lawyers of America

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