It’s No Accident

It’s No Accident: How Corporations Sell Dangerous Baby Products

By E. Marla Felcher

The news that 16-month-old Danny Keysar had been killed in a portable crib on May 12, 1998, spread quickly among the family, friends and colleagues of his parents, Linda Ginzel and Boaz Keysar. Everyone shared the family’s shock and grief.

Danny’s death was a tragedy. But Danny’s death became more than a tragedy as the news spread that the crib that killed him had been recalled in 1993.

It should never have been in use. One close friend of the family, Marla Felcher, was so outraged by this fact she decided to investigate how the child of two safety-vigliant parents could be killed by a brand-name crib that had been pulled from the market five years earler.

The book is the result of Dr. Felcher’s two-year investigation of the baby products industry. It tells the stories of parents who unknowingly trusted dangerous products, and of manufacturers who continued to sell these products, knowing that they could result in infant injury or death. The book also offers tips on how to protect children from hazardous products.

USA Today review of “It’s No Accident”

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