Step 2 – Check your Products for Recalls

Now that you know how to check for recalls, it is time to search your home or facility. The best way to do this is to first take an inventory of the children’s products in your house. KID’s product inventory sheet is a great way to organize all this information.

Download KID’s product inventory packet and note the manufacturers and product labels of your crib, stroller, car seat, and other products your child is using. It takes time now, but it could end up saving your child’s life. And don’t forget to add to it as you buy new things!

Once your have finished taking your inventory it is easy to check your list against the list of recalls. Also be sure to refer to your list as new recalls are announced.

Don’t forget that caregivers, family members and friends often use their own products to accommodate your child. Encourage them to take a product inventory and check for recalled products, or take a complete product inventory for your child including the products that he or she uses at childcare, and family and friend’s houses.