Product Hazards – Walkers

CPSC estimates that each year there are 2,900 hospital emergency room treated injuries associated with baby walkers for children under 15 months of age. Most injuries are caused by falling down stairs. Walkers have also been involved in 34 deaths since 1973. According to CPSC, in 2011 alone there were an estimated 3,300 injuries among children under age five due to walkers, jumpers, and exercisers, down from an estimated 3,700 in 2009. On average, there is one death per year due to these products based on data from 2007-2009. Walkers are banned in Canada.

CPSC has recently adopted a mandatory standard for walkers to address some of the hazards. However, many doctors still warn against the use of walkers. In walkers, children can be injured by falling down stairs as well as reaching up and pulling hot or other dangerous items onto themselves. In addition, doctors have concerns about developmental issues. Consider a stationary entertainer unit instead.

A recall or a corrective action has been issued for walkers and stationary entertainers for various reasons including:

  • Brackets may break during use, causing the product to collapse
  • Screws can come loose, presenting a choking hazard to young children
  • Laceration risk due to sharp edges
  • Walkers can fit through a standard doorway and are not designed to stop at the edge of a step
  • Stationary entertainers and walkers can collapse unexpectedly during use
  • Walkers can tip over
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