Product Hazards

As recently as 2008, there were no requirements that manufacturers test products for safety before they were sold. Even now, there are not rigorous mandatory standards in place for all nursery products.

Children’s Products and Related Hazards


Recalled Products

When a product that is being sold is found to be dangerous the government and manufacturer can recall it. To find out more about recalled products click here.

Products With Dangerous Track Records

Popular products like baby bath seats, baby walkers, and sleep positioners have repeatedly proven to be dangerous. Read about the potential dangers of these products and don’t take the risk of using with your child. All juvenile products may pose risk and many have been recalled after causing injury and death. To find out more about specific products click on the list to the left.

Hand-Me-Down Products

Before buying a used baby product or accepting a hand-me-down product from a friend or family member, check with the CPSC to make sure it hasn’t been recalled. It is now illegal to sell recalled products, but they still show up in some second-hand stores and donated items may not have been checked for recalls. To learn how to check for recalled products click here.

Consider the Source

Many parents rely on the advice of friends and family when choosing baby products. Consider this advice a springboard to start your research. Just because a product did not harm their child, does not necessarily mean it is safe. One way to find out if a product is safe is to check if it has been recalled. Also check Consumer Reports for safety ratings and reports. Starting in March 2011, you can also check the CPSC database for injury reports from other consumers.