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Toy recall data demonstrates how safety standards make an impact

December 2016 KID analyzed CPSC recall and injury data from 2006 to 2016. They found that the number of recalls and injuries dramatically dropped after the Toy Safety Standard went into effect in February 2009. Read more here.

New report affirms’s crucial role in protecting consumers

November 2016 The Consumer Federation of America, KID, Consumers Union, Public Citizen, and US PIRG analyzed in a new report — Five Years Live. They concluded that this database is a must-have tool for consumers, especially those buying products for children, relatives, or friends this holiday season. Read more here.

Consumer groups concerned over action overturning magnet protections

November 2016 KID joined other consumer groups expressing concern that a CPSC rule protecting children from dangerous small magnet sets has been overturned by a court action. Parents should keep all such dangerous magnets away from children. Read more here.

KID and Shane’s Foundation release groundbreaking research on furniture tip-overs

August 2016 KID was joined by Shane’s Foundation and U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky at UL to release our groundbreaking new research on furniture tip-over. Data analysis and independent testing show the need to strengthen standards and improve furniture design. Read more here.

KID joins Illinois Attorney General Madigan in warning consumers about secondhand recalled products

June 2016 KID joined Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan in warning consumers about possible dangerous recalled products on secondhand sites. After the IKEA recall, some of the recalled dressers were seen on secondhand retail sites. Read the consumer alert here.

KID, CFA, CU and NCHR call on CPSC to take action on IKEA furniture

April 2016 KID, Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union and the National Center for Health Research have sent a letter to Chairman Kaye of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission asking for more action to prevent further deaths involving IKEA dressers. News of a third death was released last week. Read the letter here.

KID releases A KID Report Card on 2015 recalls

March 2016 KID was joined by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Sessy Nyman of Illinois Action for Children in releasing a report card on children’s product recalls in 2015. Recalls and injuries are down, but too many recalled products remain in our homes. Read more.

Congress passes liquid nicotine bill

January 2016 KID joined with other child safety advocates to push for regulations to protect children from liquid nicotine. S 142 will require child resistant packaging for e-cigarettes and refills. Read more.

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