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KID releases survey report on Illinois parents’ views on product safety

December 2009 Today, Kids In Danger (KID) released a new report highlighting the results of a survey of Illinois families. In September, KID surveyed Illinois parents to get their views on product safety. The survey results will be used to inform KID’s outreach and advocacy programs on product safety. The survey results show that more needs to be done to reach parents with recall news and implement effective recalls. Read more.

KID releases new report on sleep environment recalls

December 2009 Today, Kids In Danger (KID) released a new report detailing the 9 million sleep environment products — cribs, portable cribs and bassinets — that have been recalled in the past two years. The report found that dropside cribs accounted for more than half of the reported injuries and 10 of the 16 deaths reported by CPSC in recall notices. Entrapment hazards were associated with 75% of the recalls and Simplicity products were responsible for almost 70% of the failure reports and half the deaths. KID recommends parents check their crib for loose hardware and against the recall list at CPSC. Read more.

New CPSC Chairman confirmed by Senate

June 2009 On Tuesday, June 16, 2009, the Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on President Obama’s choice to head the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Inez Tenenbaum. Ms. Tenenbaum, previously the State Superintendent of Schools in South Carolina and Democratic Candidate for US Senate was supported in her nomination by both Senators from her home state. She gave an opening statement and answered questions from Senators on everything from crib safety to Chinese drywall to CPSIA implementation. Then, in faster than usual speed, she was confirmed unanimously by the full Senate on Friday, June 19. Her swearing-in and start date are imminent. KID looks forward to working with this new leadership for CPSC on our common goal of safer children’s products.

CPSC holds roundtable on crib safety

April 2009 Nancy Cowles, executive director of Kids In Danger joined other consumer advocates, safety experts, manufacturers and government regulators on April 22 at CPSC’s Staff Roundtable on Cribs and Other Infant Sleep Environments. CPSC staff gave in-depth reports on the incidents, injuries and deaths they see involving sleep environments and what current standards are in place. KID, First Candle, the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association and the Illinois Attorney General’s office all spoke on the issue. In the afternoon, the audience and CPSC engaged in an open discussion about how to improve crib safety, possible issues to include in a new mandatory standard and consumer use of sleep environment products. Read more on CPSC’s website, including links to all the presentations and a webcast of the meeting.

KID releases new report on 2008 recalls

April 2009 Today, along with US Representative Jan Schakowsky and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, KID released a new study, Toxic Toys and Faulty Cribs. The report is an examination of children’s product recalls in 2008, recall effectiveness at CPSC and the implications for child safety. It found that recalls remained high in 2008, including a record number of crib recalls. A look at CPSC recall effectiveness measures shows that most recalled products remain in the hands of consumers. Read more.

Key portions of CPSIA go into effect

February 2009 Yesterday, February 10th, key portions of the CPSIA went into effect. Children’s products containing lead or certain phthalates are now banned. CPSC stayed the enforcement of testing and certification requirements until February 10, 2010 and also issued guidance for small businesses, resellers, crafters and charities.

KID responds to concerns about CPSIA

January 2009 Kids In Danger posted information about the implementation of CPSIA on our blog for those concerned about some of the implementation issues. KID believes that CPSC has the authority within the framework of the law to address many of the concerns raised by handmade children’s product makers and second hand sellers. KID and other consumer groups are working with both NARTS which represents second hand sellers and others to keep children safe from dangerous products while implementing the law in a way that doesn’t negatively impact small businesses. This same organizations issued a letter to Nancy Nord, CPSC Chairman, expressing our views and urging CPSC to take swift action to clarify their implementation.

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