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KID Issues Travel Advisory for Unsafe Children’s Products

December 12 2002 Don’t let Grandpa drag that old crib down from the attic during your visit this holiday season, warned Kids In Danger in a Holiday Travel Advisory released on December 11, 2002. “Parents have to be vigilant not only about the safety of the products their child uses at home and in childcare, but while traveling or visiting friends and family as well,” stated Nancy Cowles, executive director of KID. “Older model cribs, damaged car seats, or recalled products of any type pose a risk to children on the road as well as at home. Parents and other caregivers should be cautious to avoid injury over the holiday travel season. Contrary to what most parents believe, most children’s products are not required to be tested for safety prior to sale, so a brand name or trusted product is no guarantee of safety.” See the complete release for more tips on keeping children safe from dangerous products while traveling. For a sample list of recalled juvenile products that may be used during holiday visits or travels, please click here.

KID Embarks On Test It Now!

November 25 2002 Earlier this fall, KID launched Test It Now! A Grassroots Awareness Campaign for Children’s Product Safety. Test It Now’s goal is to create a groundswell of support for safer children’s products, leading to needed changes.

The objectives are:

  • To bring the minefield of dangerous children’s products to the public’s attention;
  • To encourage policymakers to take note of the lopsided children’s product system and correct it;
  • And to challenge the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to get more actively involved in stopping dangerous products from reaching the marketplace.

KID executive director Nancy Cowles will be in Seattle on December 2 and 3 to speak with the Washington State SAFE KIDS Coalition about KID, product safety, and pre-market testing of children’s products. Our thanks to Katharine Fitzgerald at Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center and the Washington State Department of Health for their help in coordinating this visit.

Please contact Nancy if you would like her to meet with you or your organization when she is in town. To sign on as a supporter of Test It Now!, please fill out and return by fax or mail our Sign On Sheet. We will be planning similar outreach efforts in Washington D.C. and Boston soon.

Recalled children’s products pose risk of fire and burns to children

August 14 2002 KID released a new report today highlighting the fire, burn and electric shock dangers to children from recalled juvenile products. “Forty-two children’s product recalls, covering over 16 million individual items were issued over the past decade because of the risk of fire and burn injuries,” stated Nancy Cowles, KID executive director. “Given recall effectiveness, this means that over 10 million products may still be in use that can potentially start a fire or severely burn children.”

A Burning Threat: Fire and Burn Hazards of Children’s Product Recalls 1992 to 2002 showed that almost half of children’s products recalled for fire, burn or electric shock hazards were toys. Thirty-six percent of recalled products violated the federal Flammable Fabrics Act. Visit our publications page for a copy of the report and a related fact sheet.

Click here to read the fire report press release.

Missouri and Rhode Island Pass Children’s Product Safety Act Legislation

July 9 2002 Missouri’s SB 923, containing a prohibition on using recalled or dangerous children’s products in licensed childcare facilities was signed by Governor Holden, on July 2, 2002. Compliance will be required starting July 2003. Send an email to thank Senator Dougherty through this web page or Governor Bob Holden.

Rhode Island’s Children’s Product Safety Act became effective on June 28, 2002 and compliance is required by January 2004. Senator Catherine Graziano was the sponsor of the legislation. Please send an email to thank Senator Catherine Graziano for sponsoring this legislation.

Kids In Danger Joins CPSC’s Call for Retrieving Dangerous Recalled Children’s Products

April 17 2002 The CPSC is urging Americans to join its “recall round-up” of 12 hazardous products, including the Playskool Travel-Lite portable crib that killed Danny Keysar, the son of KID founders Linda Ginzel and Boaz Keysar, still found in millions of homes. Most of these have been involved in children’s deaths. The goal of this recall round-up is to convince consumers to throw away, repair or replace these product hazards. Despite recall notices and public warnings, many products with the potential to seriously injure or kill are still being used by consumers.

“Kids In Danger urges parents and caregivers to heed the warning in CPSC’s Recall Round-up and search their homes and facilities for recalled, deadly children’s products, ” said Nancy Cowles, Executive Director of Kids In Danger (KID) in a statement released today.

For full descriptions of the hazardous products, please visit the CPSC press release. For the KID Press Release click here.

President Bush sends nomination for CPSC Chairman to the U.S. Senate

March 13 2002 Earlier this month, President Bush sent his nomination for CPSC Chairman to the Senate for consideration. Bush has nominated Harold D. Stratton for the position, after his first choice for the office, current Commissioner Mary Sheila Gall, was defeated when consumers raised concerns about her willingness to take strong and swift action to protect consumers.

Stratton is a lawyer and former Attorney General of New Mexico. While he has no record on product safety, consumers have raised concerns over his past anti-regulatory stances. Someone who has expressed distaste for government regulation seems an odd choice to head the regulatory agency for consumer products.

Hearing dates have not been scheduled. While there is too little information on Mr. Stratton’s position on product safety to oppose the nomination at this point, KID will be urging the Senate Energy and Commerce Committee to ask questions that will bring those positions to light before the nomination is confirmed.

Half Of All Product Recalls In 2001 Were Products Intended For Children

February 11 2002 KID released a new report today highlighting the dangers to children from recalled products. “Even though children’s products account for a small fraction of the more than 15,000 products regulated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission,” stated Nancy Cowles, KID executive director, “they make up more than half of the products recalled last year.” Clear and Present Dangers: Children’s Product Recalls in 2001 showed that 118 of the 225 recalls issued by the CPSC in 2001 were for items intended for use by children or for the care of children. In 2001, as in previous years, CPSC recalled an average of two children’s products a week. Read More.

Why are so many children killed or injured by unsafe products?

February 1 2002 Chicago Parent Magazine feature article about children’s product safety and Kids In Danger. Read More.

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