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Kids In Danger Commends Settlement in Lawsuit Over Death in Portable Crib

December 6 2001 Kids In Danger joins co-founders Linda Ginzel and Boaz Keysar in their satisfaction with a settlement in the case brought by Ginzel and Keysar against Kolcraft and Hasbro for the death of their son Daniel Keysar. Ginzel v. Kolcraft was to go to trial yesterday, but the parties reached a settlement agreement of $3 million, one of the largest on record for the death of a child in an unsafe children’s product. “The most important outcome was the denial of the manufacturers’ request for secrecy ,” said Nancy Cowles, Executive Director of Kids In Danger. “Throughout, Linda and Boaz stood firm for the ability for others to access the information uncovered by the case.” It is the hope of Kids In Danger that the publicity around this case will again warn parents and caregivers to locate and destroy these deadly products and that Hasbro will use its vast resources to retrieve the thousands of cribs still in homes and childcare facilities. Read more.

Make the Holidays Safe by Keeping Recalled and Dangerous Infant Products our of your Home — City of Chicago News Release

November 29 2001 At a news conference today, Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Services Caroline Orzac Shoenberger and KID Executive Director Nancy Cowles, among others, urged individuals to pay special attention to children’s items most commonly used or given as gifts, such as cribs, car seats, high chairs, strollers/baby carriers and play pens during the holiday season.

CPSC Announces Recall Round-up of Toys and Children’s Products

November 21 2001 As families gather for the holidays, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning consumers that dangerous children’s products may still be in their homes. CPSC is releasing a list of dangerous children’s products — over 23 million product units — that might still be in people’s homes. These are some of the CPSC’s largest recalls or consumer alerts involving children’s products over the last year, and include top-rail play yards. Families should check whether old products have been recalled and place them out of the reach of children. Read more.

Legislation Requiring Pre-market Testing of Children’s Products Introduced in U.S. House

November 16 2001 U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) introduced legislation in Congress requiring juvenile products manufacturers certify that their products have been tested by independent laboratories before selling them. Her bill, the Infant and Toddler Durable Product Safety Act, H.R. 3283, will prevent dangerous products from being sold to consumers. The legislation would change current law to require independent testing of children¹s products, like playpens and high chairs, before they are put on the shelves. Read more.

Thomas Moore Becomes Acting Chairman of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

November 2 2001 Thomas Hill Moore today became Acting Chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Mr. Moore, who has served as a commissioner at CPSC since 1995, said, “I came to CPSC, in part, because of my admiration for the hard work and zeal of its Chairman, Ann Brown (who resigned November 1). Read more.

CPSC to set Mandatory Standards for Bed Rails

October 30 2001 Today the CPSC voted in favor of a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to address the risk of injury and death to children posed by certain portable bed rails. “We acted because of industry’s inaction,” states Commissioner Ann Brown. Fourteen deaths have occurred with portable bed rails since 1990. Read more.

Senate Panel Rejects Bush’s Consumer Agency Nominee – Washington Post

August 2 2001 The Senate Commerce Committee today rejected President Bush’s choice to oversee the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The committee defeated the nomination of Mary Sheila Gall, a current CPSC commissioner who Bush wanted to elevate to chair the small and relatively obscure agency. Gall is Bush’s first nominee to be defeated in the Senate. Read more.

CPSC Votes to Begin Rulemaking to Improve the Safety of Baby Bath Seats

May 30 2001 CPSC voted today, 3-0, to publish an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to address drowning hazards associated with baby bath seats. This is a significant victory! While we still have a very long road ahead of us, it is a great step forward to have three Commissioners agree that the risk is such that rulemaking is warranted. Read more.

How Safe Are Those Infant Products? — Chicago Tribune editorial by Sonny Garg

May 6 2001 When bath seats were first introduced in 1981, the product was subject to no government or industry safety standard. In fact, the leading manufacturers of the bath seat, Safety 1st, admitted in a deposition to not having a single safety engineer on staff to test the product. The commission learned of the first bath-seat drowning in 1983. By 1994 there were 18 known drowning deaths, but rather than recall the product, the commission asked the industry to develop a safety standard for the product. Over the next five years, while the industry worked on this standard, 43 more infants drowned in bath seat-related incidents. Today, with the number of babies drowned at 67, the commission is reconsidering recalling bath seats, but it remains unclear whether it will or not. Read more.

Children’s Products At Risk — The Atlantic Monthly

November 2000 Last year more than 65,000 children were taken to emergency rooms for injuries associated with products for infants — yet most parents are unaware of the dangers.

How Danny Died — Chicago Magazine

November 1998 Danny Keysar’s story as published in the November, 1998 issue of Chicago Magazine. Read more.

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