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Consumer groups praise Tenenbaum’s tenure

November 2013 Consumer groups including KID issued a statement to thank Chairman Tenenbaum for her leadership at the Consumer Product Safety Commission since 2010. The groups noted in particular her leadership through the implementation of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, especially the durable infant and toddler standards known as “Danny’s Law” and the consumer incident reporting database, The groups also commended Commissioner Robert Adler for assuming the critical role of acting chair and called on the White House to name a strong replacement for Chairman Tenenbaum.
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KID founders speak out about progress, cost of safety

September 2013 Linda Ginzel & Boaz Keysar, parents of Danny Keysar and co-founders of KID authored an opinion piece recently, From Childhood Tragedy, a Success Story, at Fairwarning. They write, “Enforcing standards to protect Americans from harm and holding companies that make unsafe products accountable is simply good common sense. The CPSIA has been a success: It has led to new, stronger safety standards and safer products.” Read more.

KID, US Representatives and others mark the fifth anniversary of landmark safety bill

August 2013Today, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Congressman Bobby Rush and others joined KID to mark the fifth anniversary of landmark safety legislation. On August 14, 2008, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) was signed into law after a deliberative process and overwhelming bipartisan support in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. The law includes strong product safety reforms that revitalized the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). KID also released a new report examining 2 years of data relating to children’s product safety at Read more.

Consumer groups mark five years of safety

August 2013KID joined with other consumer and safety organizations to mark the fifth year anniversary of the signing of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). The groups highlighted five major safety improvements from the law: lower levels of lead in toys, safe cribs and other infant and toddler products, testing of products before they reach store shelves and homes, a strong mandatory toy standard and, a database which allows consumers to report and review incidents with consumer products. Read more.

KID shares safety information on TV and furniture tip-over

July 2013KID is committed to sharing injury prevention and safety information with parents on the hidden dangers of furniture tip-overs, especially TVs. Following simple steps can substantially reduce the chances of children becoming victims of TV and furniture tip-over injuries. Read more.

KID releases report on children’s product recalls in 2012

February 2013KID released Safe Sleep, Safe Play: Children’s Product Recalls in 2012. The report found that recalls dropped in 2012, in part due to new safety standards on cribs and lead content. But injuries and incidents prior to recall continue to rise. KID was joined by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan & a spokesperson for US Representative Jan Schakowsky. Read more.

KID joins with Illinois Attorney General and other advocates on furniture safety campaign

February 2013 After two recent recalls of children’s dressers for tip-over hazards, the Illinois Attorney General issued a press release and safety poster on furniture safety today with the Illinois Safe Home Campaign.

Maryland bans the sale of crib bumper pads

November 2012 Maryland becomes the first state to ban the sale of crib bumper pads. Chicago also has a ban in effect. Read more

CPSC adopts strong mandatory play yard standard

June 2012 Fourteen years after Danny Keysar died in a poorly designed mesh portable crib, CPSC adopts strong mandatory standard under provisions of Danny’s Law. Read more

New report shows magnet toys for adults are injuring kids

June 2012 KID analyzed data from CPSC, finding that children are suffering serious injuries from magnetic ‘desk toys.’ KID calls on CPSC take additional actions to reduce the likelihood that children will be injured by these products Read more

KID releases mobile site with recall search function

May 2012 KID released a new mobile version of the website, designed by Table XI. New to the mobile site is recall search function, powered by Read more

KID releases report on children’s product recalls in 2011

March 2012 KID released the annual report on children’s product recalls. A Measure of Safety: Children’s Product Recalls in 2011 shows a decrease in the number of recalls. Read more

KID joins other consumer groups to call for recall of Bumbo seat

February 2012 KID and other consumer organizations have called on CPSC to recall the Bumbo child seat after many serious injuries. Read more

KID reports on first months of

October 2011 KID reports on the first four months of reports at, CPSC’s new publicly accessible database of consumer incidents. One in three of the children’s product reports include injuries requiring medical attention and one in seven involve a recalled product. Read more

Chicago first to ban dangerous crib bumper pads

September 2011 Chicago became the first to ban the sale of crib bumper pads today. These items have been linked to suffocation deaths and make the crib unsafe. Read more

World’s toughest crib standards effective today

June 2011 Today, KID stood with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, US Representative Jan Schakowsky, and representatives of Illinois Action for Children and SIDS of Illinois to mark today as the day the world’s toughest crib standards became effective. As of today, all cribs sold in the US, new or used, must meet the tough new standard. Read more

Important consumer tool launches today

March 2011 A coalition of consumer and safety groups today applauded the launch of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s consumer product safety information database that would allow people to share and access safety information about the products they own and consider buying. Read more

KID releases new report on 2010 recalls

March 2011 Today, along with US Representative Jan Schakowsky and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, KID released a new study, Moving towards Safety. The report looks at children’s product recalls in 2010, as well as the changes in our children’s product safety system over the year. It found that while recalls rose slightly and there were 18 deaths in recalled children’s products before they were recalled, changes implemented at CPSC as a result of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, indicate that we are moving towards safer products. Read more

CPSC adopts world’s strongest crib standards

December 2010 Kids In Danger applauds CPSC’s historic vote to approve the strongest crib safety standards in the world. After years of recalls of millions of cribs due to entrapment deaths and injuries, the new standards, which become mandatory in six months, will ensure that new cribs have been tested for safety to rigorous standards. Read a statement from the consumer group coalition or more on our blog.

CPSC approves final rules for public database

November 2010 Today, CPSC passed (3-2) the final rule for the landmark public database required by the CPSIA. This database, scheduled to go live in March 2011, will help keep children safe — allowing parents to learn about hazards before they purchase a new stroller or crib, rather than when the product is recalled months or years later. Public access to information is a cost effective way for government to improve safety. Not only can parents report problems and learn of other consumers’ experiences, but CPSC and manufacturers will have an additional incentive to address safety concerns expediently. Read a statement from the consumer group coalition or more on our blog.

KID submits comments to CPSC on historic crib standards

October 2010 Today is the deadline for public comments on the proposed mandatory standards for full-size and non-full-size cribs at CPSC. This is something KID has been pushing for since our founding — strong mandatory standards with rigorous third party testing. We applaud the work CPSC has done to get to this point and look forward to full implementation! KID submitted our comments this morning. Read more.

CPSC, FDA warn against sleep positioners, ask manufacturers to stop making

September 2010 Today the CPSC and FDA issued a joint warning about the dangers of sleep positioners — urging parents to stop using the devices. The federal agencies said that there was no proof the products reduced the risk of SIDS and in fact, they pose a suffocation risk. Kids In Danger has been addressing the issue of sleep positioners since 2002 when we learned of the death of 8-week-old Andy Sage. Andy suffocated on a sleep positioner and his parents have joined with KID to get the word out about the dangers ever since. FDA says there will be recalls coming and that they have asked manufacturers to stop producing positioners. Read more.

CPSC Chair Tenenbaum visits Chicago, promotes recall effectiveness tools

July 2010 (CHICAGO) Today, in Chicago where much of the furor over children’s product safety started; consumer advocates, parents, federal and state officials gathered to express their commitment to children’s product safety and reveal new tools in the arsenal against recalled and defective products. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman Inez Tenenbaum, in her first official visit to Chicago, joined Kids In Danger, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Consumer Federation of America Director of Product Safety and Senior Counsel Rachel Weintraub to discuss new product registration requirements and other measure to keep children safe from dangerous children’s products. KID Founders Linda Ginzel and Boaz Keysar spoke of the new requirements for product registration as well as pre-market testing as the legacy of their son Danny. Danny died in 1998 in a recalled defective portable crib. Read more.

Consumer Groups Mark Beginning of New Era in Recall Effectiveness

June 2010 Todays marks the day that manufacturers of most durable infant and toddler products have to include a postage paid card with each product, allowing consumers to register their information in the event of a recall. Consumers can also register the products online. KID, along with Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union, U.S. PIRG and the National Research Center for Women && Families released a statement applauding the action. “This new measure will allow consumers who purchased or own the product to get accurate news of a recall quickly, along with the information they need to comply with the recall,” said Nancy Cowles, Executive Director of Kids In Danger. Read more.

KID offers new information about drop-side cribs

April 2010 With yet another drop-side crib recall and efforts underway to ban cribs with drop-side designs, KID put information on our blog that will answer questions about the dangers of drop-side cribs as well as what to do if you have one. In addition, the Illinois Attorney General’s office has published flyers in English and Spanish on the dangers of drop-side cribs..

KID releases new report on 2009 recalls

March 2010 Today, along with US Representative Jan Schakowsky and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, KID released a new study, The Year of the Nursery Product Recall. The report looks at children’s product recalls in 2009, as well as the changes in our children’s product safety system over the year. It found that recalls remained high in 2008, including a record number of nursery product recalls. The hazards identified in the recalls points to the need for the mandatory safety standards and public database required by the CPSIA. Read more.

KID responds to concerns about CPSIA

January 2010 Kids In Danger spent the third week of January 2010 in Washington DC, first participating in landmark meetings to revamp the voluntary crib standard that will soon become mandatory and then testifying Thursday at the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations on crib safety.

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