Trevor’s Story


Trevor was strangled by the restraints in a recalled baby swing. He was eight months old.

Submitted by his parents, Staci and Greg

The Tober family endured a great loss when their young son, Trevor, was killed by an infant swing at his suburban Indianapolis child care home in April 2002. The eight-month old became entangled in the shoulder straps of the Century Lil Napper infant swing. Trevor was sleeping in the swing while the child care provider tended to other children; when she returned, he was tangled in the straps and lifeless.

The Lil Napper swing had shoulder harness straps that are buckled between the child’s legs, but if the straps are loose, a child can become entangled and strangle. Century knew of at least four other children who were injured or killed in the same way and recalled the swing in 1997. News of the recall did not reach the provider. Century is currently owned by Graco Children’s Products.

“When people ask me how many children I have, I have to decide if this person is special enough to know about Trevor,” says his mother Staci. “I end up saying I have a 9 year old, a 4 year old, and a son in Heaven. They immediately ask what happened to him. I tell the whole story. Even today, five years later, I still feel him next to me in the hospital when I was holding him as he took his last breath.”

Life has moved on in every other way, but time stands still for the Tober family. Trevor’s older sister Anna still has problems dealing with his death. His father Greg wonders every time he sees a child who would be his age, what would Trevor be like now? He’ll never see him take his first step, his first day of kindergarten, or his first girlfriend. He’ll never get to have that talk with him before his wedding, like his Dad did for him. The family is forever changed by Trevor’s death.

Staci and Greg are strong advocates of the Children’s Product Safety Act and hope to pass it in Trevor’s honor in Indiana.

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