Kenny’s Story


Kenny died after swallowing loose magnets that fell out of a magnetic toy into the carpeting of his home. He was 21 months old.

Submitted by his mom, Penny

Ben, Kenny’s older brother, received two sets of Magnetix for his 10th birthday. He & the older children did as they were instructed: put the toy up high in its case when done playing with it.

Nine days after Ben’s birthday Kenny had flu-like symptoms — after 24 hours he seemed to be getting worse. I took him to the hospital. He was breathing shallowly and they said he would need a breathing tube. I was hysterical, knowing instantly he was in serious condition when they told me he could not breathe.

I heard “Code Blue” while they were inserting the breathing tube and he had a cardiac arrest. They tried to resuscitate him but his left lung had collapsed. Kenny’s heart stopped and they were unable to start it again.

We had a few hours to hold our precious angel before the coroner came to take him. We wanted an autopsy performed to discover what killed our son. The next day, the coroner called to tell us Kenny had eight small cylindrical magnets in his intestine forming a bulbous completely blocking his intestine. I was shocked and wondered where did he get eight tiny magnets? We both suspected the Magnetix toy. When we looked at the pieces of the toy, we noticed many magnets missing from the plastic pieces, fitting the description the coroner gave, even while the plastic pieces were still intact. Looking closely at the plastic rim holding the magnet to the plastic piece, the rim is chipped away from the constant impact of the super charged, extra strong magnets constantly magnetizing to each other. Then we noticed the tiny magnets sticking to a piece of the toy as we moved it across our carpet near our couches and chairs.

The Magnetix toy is defective. As the older children were playing with it, tiny magnets were falling out of their large plastic pieces and onto the rug, without anyone noticing. Later, after the toy was put away, Kenny must have found the magnets in the carpet and swallowed them on two separate occasions. One group was about to pass through his bowel and the second group was entering in the beginning of his intestine. The first group had already been corroding, slowly releasing poisonous chemicals into his body. The second group magnetized to the first group causing a bulbous to form and gangrene to set in. The Emergency Room x-ray technician thought the metal object showing up on the x-ray was outside Kenny’s body. If they had used a Magnetic Resolution Test or M.R.I., consequences would have been deadly causing him instant death and possibly blowing up the machine and harming people in the immediate area.

We trust God took him quickly to end his suffering and delivering him from life threatening surgery he was unable to survive. He was our angel from the day he was born. A miraculous birth and beautiful infancy; our perfect son who came from heaven has gone back to heaven.

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