Ethan’s Story


Ethan died just months after Riley when he was strangled in the same type portable crib. He was eight months old.

Submitted by his mother, Laura

My husband and I used the Baby Trend Home and Roam portable crib since Ethan’s birth; first to protect him from his older sister Rachael (only 22 months his senior) and then because it was his place to be able to see the world. We have no notion who gave it to us. We figured that hand-me-downs were safer than new because they were “kid tested.” We thought that since other kids had used them and were fine, it must be safe.

He was strangled when the top rail collapsed around his neck. I was stunned to find out afterwards no testing was done on children’s products except by the company who makes them.

We miss Ethan every day. No one will be as happy or amazing to us as he was as our son.

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