Andy’s Story


Andy suffocated on a sleep positioner. He was two months old.

Submitted by his mother, Judy

Andy was born first on November 11, 2001. He was born 2 minutes before his brother Jake. They were two beautiful boys with such great lives ahead of them.

On January 8, 2002, Andrew died a tragic death because of a foam sleep positioner (the Graco 2 in 1 curved sleep positioner). This device was developed in the 70s and approved by the FDA to prevent the rise of SIDS. It was supposed to encourage back or side sleeping — “The Back to Sleep Campaign.”

Sleep positioners are extremely dangerous. Tell anyone you know with a newborn not to use it.

With the slight movement of a baby’s head like Andy, the nose and mouth can be obstructed and suffocation will occur. This is exactly what happened to my Andy. He was taken from us and his brother Jake. Had I not used the positioner I feel certain Andy would be here — smiling. But, instead he is going to smile on all of us and help us make a difference for other new parents so they do not have to face a similar tragedy.

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