Amelia’s Story


Amelia nearly drowned when she flipped underwater while in her bath seat. She was eight months old.

Submitted by her mother, Carolyn

In April of 1997, my eight-month old daughter, Amelia, flipped underwater while sitting in her Safety-1st bath seat. I had been using the seat for two months without any problems, and therefore trusted the seat to support Amelia while I let go of her to scoop a piece of lint out of the tub. As I turned my back to Amelia and stood up (something I had never done before) to drop the lint in the sink, I heard a “thud”.

I turned around and found Amelia lying on her back, completely under the water, still seated in her bath seat. Her big brown eyes were looking up at me and her mouth was wide open to scream, but there was not a sound (except for my pounding heart). I immediately pulled Amelia from the water and held her while I waited for her to breathe. Just as I was about to start rescue breathing, she began to cry and cough vigorously.

Then I carried her with me to the phone and called for an aid car. By the time the aid car arrived Amelia had stopped coughing and was breathing normally. Although my daughter experienced a quick and compete recovery, I still have nightmares about her drowning.

My advice to parents and caregivers is to use your own critical thinking skills, and reliable third-party resources, to evaluate the safety of all children’s products. We, as consumers, can absolutely NOT rely on manufacturers to evaluate the safety of their own products. If such an “accident” can happen to me (a pediatric registered Nurse, CPR instructor, former volunteer firefighter, emergency medical technician, and obsessively safety-conscious mother), then it can happen to anyone. We ALL need to become advocates for the safety of children. We need to take a stand and let children’s product manufacturers know that our children are more important than their profits. We must keep working until the system is changed so that products are adequately tested before being sold and unsafe products are recalled quickly and effectively.

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