KID Best Friend Award Night

Each year, KID commemorates our progress, honors the memory of Danny Keysar and other victims of unsafe children’s products and highlights the contributions of someone who has helped keep children safe — our Best Friend.

The 2018 KID Best Friend Award Night will be held on May 3, 2018, at Galleria Marchetti from 6-9 pm. In honor of our 20th anniversay, KID will be honoring our founders, Linda Ginzel and Boaz Keysar. 


Each year, KID’s Young Professionals Board hosts #KickBackWithKID at Revolution Brewery. It features great food and some of Chicago’s favorite beers as well as games, raffle prizes, and a short program.

Our fundraisers play a crucial role in raising awareness about KID and child product safety. Contact us if you would like more information about KID.


2016 Lisa M. Turano for her voice in support of children’s product safety and philanthropic support for KID

2015 Barbara Guthrie for her leadership on children’s safety at Underwriters Laboratories

2014 Inez Tenenbaum for her leadership on children’s product safety

2013 Shawn Kasserman for his strong voice in support of children’s product safety

2012 Sonny Garg for his instrumental role in developing responses to unsafe children’s products and his strong leadership in KID

2011 Mitch Lipka for his commitment to reporting on children’s product safety

2010 Gary Smith, MD for his pioneering work in the field of childhood injury prevention

2009 US Representative Bobby Rush and US Senator Mark Pryor for their commitment to children and leadership on product safety

2008 US Senator Richard Durbin for his commitment to children and leadership on product safety

2007 Robert Tanz, MD and Elizabeth Powell, MD, MPH for their leadership in injury prevention research and policy

2006 Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan for her enforcement of Illinois’ Children’s Product Safety Act and her strong commitment to children’s safety

2005 Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm for her support of the Children’s Product Safety Act and advocacy for children’s safety

2004 Rachel Weintraub and Mary Ellen Fise for their role as strong advocates for children’s product safety

2003 Commissioner Caroline Shoenberger, State Senator Carol Ronen and US Representative Jan Schakowsky for their dedication to changing public policy to protect children

2002 NBC Target 5 Consumer Unit for outstanding coverage of children’s product safety

2001 E. Marla Felcher for her groundbreaking book, It’s No Accident: How Corporations Sell Dangerous Baby Products