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Safety Tips for the New School Year

We are coming upon the end of summer, which signals to every parent, caregiver, or teacher that it’s time to head back to school.  As your children get ready to see their friends, teachers, and school staff again (or for the first time), we want to highlight some specific safety concerns for the new school year. With this information, both caregivers and children can enter the new school prepared and ready to learn. Clothing While school ... Read more
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Back To School Safety

It’s that time of the year again, when we send our children off to school for another year of learning, socializing, and a great deal of fun. In tandem with the CPSC’s “Safety is the New Cool” message, KID is here to highlight a few aspects to child safety. Backpacks The staple of back-to-school supplies can also cause back pain or injuries if worn incorrectly for prolonged periods of time. Backpacks should be worn so they sit about ... Read more
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Keeping Up with Back-to-School Safety and Recent Recalls

If it’s September, it must be time for back to school! It’s time slip out of swimsuits and into school uniforms and get ready for a new year of learning and growing. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a great Back-to-School Safety Checklist. Here are a few highlights:If your child will be biking to school – or biking elsewhere - make sure that he or she always wears a helmet and that the helmet is safely in place. If they are riding ... Read more
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UPDATE: This blog was written some time ago, but the dangers are still relevant today. KID continues to work on improving children’s product safety in honor of children, like Savannah, who died when she was strangled by a baby monitor cord 3 years ago this month. Savannah is one of 6 children that died from a similar type of baby monitor since 2006.Keep children safe from strangulation hazards by: purchasing cordless monitors, using cordless window ... Read more
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Stay Warm and Stay Safe

With the snowy streets and recent record-breaking low temperatures, it’s tempting to curl up inside and wait out the next few months. We here at KID encourage you to cuddle up with your kids, but while you and your family get cozy, consider these winter season safety tips to keep your children protected from both the bitter cold and hidden hazards of children’s products. Don’t forget to check the website for product recalls. If you aren’t ... Read more
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Strangulation death from drawstring in sweatshirts

Wisconsin was the first to ban drawstrings in clothing for children, and CPSC has followed suit nationally, recalling millions of sweatshirts and other clothing items with drawstrings around the neck. Last year, CPSC fined seventeen companies for selling clothing with drawstrings.Today, in heartbreaking news, the CPSC announced yet another recall -- this one because of the death of a three year old boy. The drawstring of his sweatshirt got caught ... Read more
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