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KID’s TEST program gives students experience in design safety

As the students at Northwestern University are finishing up their spring quarter, the freshman engineering students proudly presented their final design products. Four teams of students worked with Kids In Danger (KID) developing prototypes to address design problems that had led to injuries, deaths and recalls.  Two teams took a look at recent recalls for infant sleep environments other than cribs – the PeaPod Travel Bed, Nap Nanny and others ... Read more
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In Memory of Danny

In 1998, Danny was killed when a recalled portable crib collapsed around his neck at his licensed child care home.  KID is Danny’s legacy.  Today, KID has the same commitment to the cause we did when Danny first died. We want to prevent dangerous products like the portable crib that killed 16-month-old Danny from reaching the market in the first place.  KID has put child product safety on the national agenda through Danny’s Law, named in his ... Read more
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KID releases report on crib incidents reported at

Despite recent improvements in standards for cribs, unsafe cribs continue to be widely used in nurseries, a new study released today by Kids In Danger (KID) finds. The study examines consumer reports on cribs posted between April 2011 and May 2012 on, the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) online database. The consumer reports examined described incidents, injuries, or death associated with cribs.Parents may still ... Read more
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Just because you see it on TV or in a store, doesn’t mean it is safe

People do it all the time.  Walk into any grocery store and you’ll see infant seats perched on shopping carts.  Infant carriers and seats placed at eye level on counters and tables show up in everything from advertisements to network television sit-coms.  Both in magazine spreads and retail stores, cribs are packed full of beautiful comforters, pillows, and baby bumpers.  Would these be featured on a cover or commercial if they weren’t safe ... Read more
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Maryland announces proposed ban on crib bumper pads, effective next summer

KID has been firm on its position against the use of crib bumper pads. Bumper pads pose a risk of suffocation, strangulation, and death. Children have died as a result of this product --we believe the risks outweigh any potential benefit. Six month old Aiden lost his life by suffocating on a crib bumper pad. Preston, who was seven weeks old, also died when he rolled out of a sleep positioner and against the bumper in his crib.As awareness heightens ... Read more
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Update on new crib requirements for childcare

It's 2012. By the end of this year, all cribs in child care and other public accommodations must meet the tough new standards adopted by the CPSC in December 2010. The new crib standards are the result of unspeakable tragedies and years of work to keep children safe.  Because of faulty designs and shoddy materials, dozens of babies have died in unsafe cribs and over eleven million cribs have been recalled.  While Kids In Danger (KID) ... Read more
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Father brings his story to standard setting group on infant monitors.

ASTM International meetings on juvenile products are well attended by manufacturers and testing laboratories.  The meetings also contain a small smattering of retailers and consumer groups, such as KID.  But it is rare that a parent of an injured or killed child attends these meetings.  In the very early days of Kids In Danger, Linda Ginzel joined ASTM and attended meetings.  She still is a voting member.  Joyce Davis of Keeping Babies Safe and ... Read more
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Maryland to join Chicago in banning crib bumper pads

First the Chicago City Council voted to stop the sale of crib bumper pads in the city starting in January 2012. Now, Maryland has announced a proposed ban on bumper pads. Maryland will post their proposal next week and give consumers and others a month to comment. “Our priority is the health of infants in Maryland,” said Dr. Joshua M. Sharfstein, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in a press release. “We agree ... Read more
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