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KID Honors Burn Awareness Week

During this National Burn Awareness Week, KID aims to draw attention to some common burn and fire hazards. Fire and burn hazards have received more attention recently due to the Samsung Galaxy Note7 and Hoverboard recalls. According to the CDC, 300 children are treated in emergency rooms every day as a result of burn injuries. Another 2 children die every day as a result of burns. Our goal at KID is to help prevent these injuries and fatalities, and ... Read more
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Hoverboards recalled by CPSC, 10 firms

It’s summer, and that means plenty of time for the kids to enjoy the great weather. Don’t let dangerous hoverboards get in the way of their fun! Following about 100 incident reports, Hoverboards have been officially recalled by 10 manufacturers and retailers. These incidents have ranged from sparks to explosions; the batteries inside the hoverboards have been known to overheat and catch fire, resulting in burns or damage to personal property. ... Read more
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#BeBurnAware this week and all year through

The week of February 1-7 is National Burn Awareness Week and we want to share common types of children’s products that have been recalled recently because of burn hazards. They include pajamas, toys, and even accessories that you would never guess could cause a burn hazard to your children – but they can and do. See below for an overview and how you can keep kids safe. Pajamas There were over 240,000 units of children’s pajamas recalled ... Read more
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Designing for safety: hot soup

Two recent stories on product design and safety outside our usual scope of children’s products caught our attention recently. National Public Radio (NPR) recently investigated the potential risks instant cups of soup pose to children. Because these cups of soup are “tall, lightweight, and have an unstable base,” the likelihood young children will tip them over is extremely high. These hot cups of soup are even more dangerous than just hot liquids ... Read more
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National Fire Prevention Week — check for products with burn or fire hazards

It being National Fire Prevention Week, we'd like to reemphasize the threat fire or burns can pose to your children and to offer some advice on protecting them.Many safety groups have great tips for avoiding fire and burn injuries. Here are just a few..Never leave the stove or oven unattended in a child's presence.Keep space heaters at least 3 ft away from all curtains, papers or clothing.Make sure there are smoke detectors in all bedrooms and throughout ... Read more
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