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Keep Baby Close – and Safe – During International Babywearing Week

October 2-8, 2017 is International Babywearing Week. Advocates remind us that babywearing is a good bonding tool, helps premature babies regulate their heartbeat and breathing by being closely attached to the mother, and allows busy caregivers to do other activities with comfort and convenience while still engaged with the child. However, to enjoy the benefits, follow these safety recommendations. Many baby carriers sold today must meet mandatory ... Read more
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International Babywearing Week

International Babywearing Week is drawing to a close. It drew particular attention this year, in part due to rumors of a recall of a (to judge from Twitter feeds) very popular brand of sling. But that recall is still unannounced as of today.Babywearing is the use of soft carriers or baby slings to carry infants and toddlers. Advocates love the closeness and comfort it gives as well as the ability to carry on with other activities while engaged ... Read more
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