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KID is here to help you create safe environments for children under your care. We have many resources to help you identify and remove unsafe children’s products from child care settings.

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The basics: Download KID’s Are your kids SAFE? brochure to learn about the problem of unsafe children’s products and the Three Steps to Safety.

Did you know? CPSC has adopted the the world’s strongest crib standards – a move that will ensure that new cribs coming onto the market will provide safe haven for babies and their families. As part of this new standard, child care facilities will have to replace non-compliant cribs by 12/28/12.

KID is here to help you make sure your cribs currently in use are safe and how to comply with the new requirements by the deadline. Sign up for our email listserv dedicated to child care and product safety issues. Read the email we sent out to providers and check out this blog post for more information.

Sign up for monthly safety alerts: Each month, KID issues a monthly safety alert with top news and a list of the latest recalls. You can also sign up for the child care listserv here.

Different states have different rules on product safety in child care facilities. Click here to see if your state prohibits the use of recalled products in child care. If not, be an advocate for safety.

Check out our educational video and workshop materials for child care providers.

Recall Digest: Made for display in child care facilities and available for free download with KID’s monthly email alert, this flyer contains helpful at-a-glance information on the latest recalled products. To download the latest email alert and recall digest, visit our homepage.

Register your children’s products: Fill out & return the registration cards that now come with most durable infant and toddler products – this is often the only way a manufacturer will contact you in the event of a recall. Learn more.

Product issues? You can learn more about specific hazards of children’s products on our Product Hazard pages. Submit or view reports of problems, incidents & injuries associated with children’s products at the new public database,

Want to learn more about Kids In Danger? Read About Us and learn how you can volunteer, have KID do a presentation or donate.