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Support HB3761 (McAsey): The Illinois Crib Bumper Pad Ban

On March 24th KID and 25 other health and safety organizations headed down to Springfield, IL in order to support Representative McAsey’s crib bumper pad ban (HB3671). With the support of these like-minded safety organizations, KID helped successfully push HB3761 (McAsey) out of the Illinois House Consumer Protection Committee by a vote of 10-6.HB3761 (McAsey) should not be confused with Representative Mayfield’s bumper bill (HB2653). Although ... Read more
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Graco fined $10M for action in car seat recall, must spend $7M on child safety

On March 20, the Department of Transportation announced a $10 million fine against children’s product manufacturer Graco for failing to report incidents with their car seat buckles.  In 2014 Graco announced 2 recalls for nearly six million car seats because the buckles could fail to unlatch.  Complaints about the buckles came as early as 2009; Graco brushed them off as caused by food and drink being spilled on the mechanism.  As it turned out, ... Read more
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Engineering students learn design safety from real-world hazards

KID has been working with engineering students at Northwestern University for almost a decade.  Our TEST program is focused on integrating design safety into undergraduate engineering education.  Through the Segal Design Institute’s freshman program, Design Thinking and Communication, students are presented with a design challenge and teams of four develop prototypes to address the issue and present their findings at a Design Expo. This term, ... Read more
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The 5 products you’ll buy for baby and safety tips for each

What you’ll buy for baby:Being a parent or caregiver isn’t just a lot of work; it’s also a large investment. As you’re preparing your home for a new baby, you’ll need a crib, play yard, stroller, high chair, and toys. These products can be expensive. They can also pose risks to your child. At KID, we know that parents have a lot of responsibility, and it can be hard to keep track of the most recent safety standards and recalls. We’re here ... Read more
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“I have a recalled product, what do I do?”

While presenting at the Illinois Head Start Conference this past week, a workshop participant realized that her daughter had a product that had recently been recalled. The product, a pink pony hoodie, was recalled in December for a strangulation hazard. The fix was easy- if she just removed the drawstring from the hoodie the sweatshirt would be perfectly safe for her daughter to wear (Drawstrings are not allowed on children’s clothing because they ... Read more
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An important week for safety

This week is National Consumer Protection Week (#NCPW), a campaign aimed at encouraging consumers to take advantage of their rights and make informed decisions.  At KID, we believe that consumers have an important voice to share about child product safety, and we want to make sure you know what you can do to make your voice heard. We have worked since our founding to convince policymakers to address safety issues and improve recall effectiveness. ... Read more
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A Week at ICPHSO

View the story "A week at ICPHSO" on Storify. Product safety experts from around the globe gathered this week to share best practices and emerging issues. KID was there. ICPHSO (ick-fa-so) is an unusual organization -- bringing together all stakeholders in product safety for an annual Symposium. KID's Nancy Cowles is President Elect of the organization and brings us this update. ... Read more
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Add-On Mattresses and Other Products Your Baby Doesn’t Need

NBC Chicago Investigates recently interviewed KID Director, Nancy Cowles, about the dangers of supplemental or add-on mattresses for play-yards. Little known to many parents, these add-on mattresses are not held to the strong safety standards created for play-yard manufacturers but are easily available in stores. These mattresses are not manufactured to snugly fit in a play-yard, often leaving dangerous gaps around the edges where a baby can get stuck ... Read more
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