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My experience at KID

Ludo has been with KID all summer as part of a international student exchange program. Below, she details her experience with KID and what she gained as a result of this summer. I had very positive feelings about KID since the first time I spoke on Skype with Nancy and Laura in the spring of 2015. These feelings made the decision to work and live in Chicago full-time this summer an easier one to make. Now, at the end of my two month internship, ... Read more
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Abigail, Danny L, Jamie, Liam (Over 12 Million Cribs Recalled since 2007)

More infants die every year in cribs than from any other nursery product. There are many reasons why a child can die or be injured by a crib– today we are highlighting the stories of four.Abigail’s crib rails came loose in a corner, causing her hand to pinch and get caught in the gap. The bolt had been drilled in too close to the edge and broken out. Thankfully, Abigail did not sustain any major injuries and is alive and well today. (Read her ... Read more
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Trevor (What to Know About Infant Swings)

One fateful day in April, Trevor fell asleep in his Lil Napper swing at his child care home and was tragically strangled. He became entangled in the shoulder harness straps that buckled between the legs. The swing had been recalled 5 years earlier but the news had unfortunately not reached the child care provider. (Read his full story here) Make sure to stay updated on recalls by going to, as companies do not always use methods to reach ... Read more
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KID represents parents concerns at furniture safety summit

On Tuesday, August 18, I participated on behalf of KID in a summit on furniture safety in High Point, NC. Lisa Siefert of Shane’s Foundation was also there, along with close to 50 industry representatives, Underwriters Laboratories and Bureau Veritas testing labs, and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).The Summit was called jointly by CPSC and the American Home Furnishings Association (AFHA) along with ASTM International (ASTM) to ... Read more
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Jared (Untested Products Pose Serious Risks)

Jared was 8 months old when he was killed by his Evenflo Happy Camper portable crib. The side rail collapsed, causing him to become trapped and tragically strangled.Today we highlight Jared’s story (found here) and remember him as the beautifully happy and spirited baby boy that he was.At least 19 children have died in collapsed portable cribs or play yards with rotating top-rail hinges. These portable cribs pose serious risks and can cause entrapment ... Read more
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Have You Heard These Pool Safety Tips?

Now that the hottest days of August are among us, families flock to pools and beaches to cool off and enjoy the sunshine. When it comes to pools, many parents and caregivers are already aware of the importance of water safety, especially that children should never play near water unsupervised. However, we should also consider other swimming-related safety risks – in particular, pool drains and inflatable pool toys.As with any children’s toy, all ... Read more
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Amelia’s story (Bath Seats Proven to be Hazards)

Amelia was 8 months old when she flipped underwater while sitting in her bath seat. Luckily, her mother pulled her out in time and saved her from nearly drowning (Click here to read the full story). We are happy to report that Amelia is alive and well today. In fact, she’ll be celebrating her 19th birthday this month!What we can’t overlook, however, is the fact that drowning is the third leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. Amelia’s ... Read more
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#FamilyVoicesFriday: KID’s New August Campaign

August is a time for changes– people are cooling off from the summer heat, pulling out their mustard and maroon autumnal clothes, and shifting gears to the start of another school year.For some families throughout the years, however, their changes came in unexpected and sadly tragic ways. We will be taking the month of August to remember the children who have been injured or killed due to unsafe products (highlighted in our Family Voices section). ... Read more
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