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3 fast facts for National Poison Prevention week

National Poison Prevention Week is a 7 day period designed to highlight the dangers of poisonings and how to prevent them.  This is especially important because more than 2 million poisonings are reported each year to the 57 poison control centers across the country. More than 90 percent of these poisonings occur in the home. The majority of non-fatal poisonings occur in children younger than six years old. Follow KID on Facebook and Twitter this ... Read more
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Happy Anniversary!

In 2011, the CPSC launched is a user-friendly, government-run, consumer incident database that provides safety reports on children’s products, allowing you to report an unsafe product, and contains information that can help you make a decision that will help protect your child from dangerous products. Today is the site's 6 year anniversary. KID urges parents, grandparents, and caregivers to use ... Read more
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Director’s Blog by Nancy Cowles: a week at ICPHSO

Leap Day fell at the start of a busy week in DC. On behalf of KID, I am a member of the International Consumer Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO[1]), an organization that brings together all the stakeholders in product safety to share information, best practices and new research on how to keep consumers safe. As Symposium Chair, I worked with ICPHSO staff, volunteers and board members to pull together our annual symposium held last week in ... Read more
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This week at KID

As usual, it’s a busy week at the KID office. Here is a look at what’s going on over the next 7 days… All week: 2016 ICPHSO Annual Meeting and Symposium KID ED Nancy Cowles is coordinating the annual conference held in Washington D.C. The theme of this year’s conference is The Challenge of Change: Collaborating today for a Safer Tomorrow. The weeklong event brings product safety professionals together from across the globe and seeks ... Read more
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get a jumpstart on safety

Happy Leap Year Day! We get an extra day this year, which means some extra time to stay informed about the latest safety and recall news. Have you signed up for KID’s email alerts yet? If not, you can sign up here. KID’s monthly email alerts are a great way to stay up to date about the latest news regarding children’s product safety, a list of recalls, and other KID news. It’s great information not only for you, but also to share with friends ... Read more
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#FamilyVoicesFriday: Kenny’s Story

On Thanksgiving day 2002, 21 month old Kenny died after swallowing loose magnets from his brother’s Magnetix set. Kenny fell ill with flu-like symptoms which prompted a visit to the emergency room. Within a few hours, Kenny’s heart stopped and his left lung had collapsed. The coroner told Kenny's family he had swallowed 8 magnets, which blocked his intestine and released poisonous chemicals into his body. Kenny would have been 16 years-old ... Read more
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#FamilyVoicesFriday: Preston’s Story

On April 8, 2010, 7 week-old Preston died from suffocation in his crib. Preston rolled out of his sleep positioner and into the bumper pad in his crib and consequently smothered to death. This week, Preston would have celebrated his 6th birthday. In memory of Preston, we would like to raise awareness about the continuing dangers of sleep positioners and bumper pads. In September of 2010, the FDA and CPSC warned parents and caregivers to not use ... Read more
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Cold weather safety tips

It’s cold outside! Keep these safety tips in mind as you and your family prepare for these snowy, winter days ahead. Drawstrings: Look out for drawstrings, which can be found in winter coats, jackets, and sweatshirts. These can catch on other items and pose a strangulation hazard for children. Either pull or cut drawstrings out of children’s clothing. Over- heating: In the crib, don’t overwrap a baby or use thick blankets; use wearable ... Read more
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