Consumer groups call on CPSC to take action on Bumbo Baby Seat

Following a recall (for new labeling) in 2007 and a warning late last year as injuries persisted, five consumer groups including KID have called on CPSC to take further action on the Bumbo International Baby Seat, including a recall of the current design. 

While much attention has been paid to the fact that many of the injuries (31 skull fractures and other serious injuries) have taken place when the seat is used on a raised surface, less attention has been paid to the numerous injuries, including skull fractures, when the seat is used as intended on the floor.  

Most parents are probably also unaware that unlike bouncer seats, high chairs, booster seats and other products they may use with their infants, there are no safety standards or safety testing required for seats like the Bumbo. The Bumbo is a popular infant product, but the groups believe it can be redesigned to address the safety concerns.  

The groups are US PIRG, Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union, Public Citizen and Kids In Danger.  

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8 Responses to Consumer groups call on CPSC to take action on Bumbo Baby Seat

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  2. julie stagen says:

    how do you know if you have one that qualifies?

    • Kids In Danger says:

      All the Bumbo chairs have been involved in incidents. Newer chairs come with stronger warnings and the pictures showing the product on a raised surface have been removed from the packaging. But it is the same product.

  3. Casey says:

    I think recalling the seat is ridiculous. I’m sorry, but as a PROUD owner of a Bumbo seat, my daughter has never once had any injury from this seat or any thing else for that matter. I, however, have NEVER put the seat on any thing elevated.

    • Kids In Danger says:

      You’ll see we edited your comment a bit — parents of injured children don’t need to be subjected to that kind of vitriol. While you didn’t use the seat on a raised surface, you didn’t address the issue that the company originally showed the seat, on their packaging, being used on a raised surface. So they must have thought it was a good possibility. In any event, with this number of serious injuries, the seat needs to be redesigned.

  4. Casey says:

    If you don’t mind, would you care to provide and share a picture of this said elevated surface?

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